Company LS Profi proposes cold-formed zinc-coated profiles C, U, Z, L, V and constructions with them of own production. The profiles are produced (manufactured) by cold forming method out of zinc-coated cold-rolled steel on rolling lathes at own production facilities in Vyshcha Dubechnya village of Kyiv region.

Cold-rolled zinc-coated profiles are used as for separate elements of constructive systems for large buildings (girders, beams, roof sheathing, etc.) and as basic bearing structures for minor industrial buildings – warehouses, objects for small businesses, mansards and individual cottages.

Our staff’s high professionalism and modern high-technology equipment allow performing any orders for any needs.

We guarantee:

High quality of the material;
Short terms for order realization;
Attractive prices

холодногнутые оцинкованные профили C, U, Z, L, Ʊ

Профили холоднокатаной оцинкованной стали

изготовление холодногнутых оцинкованных профилей

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