Profiles Production

Company LS Profi proposes cold-formed zinc-coated profiles C, U, Z, L, V and  constructions with them of own production.
The profiles are produced (manufactured) by cold forming method out of zinc-coated cold-rolled steel on rolling lathes at own production facilities in Vyshcha Dubechnya village of Kyiv region.


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Company LS Profi’s Advantages:

1. We have been producing profiles since 2004! Cooperating with us, you do not overpay and can be sure in getting high quality production!
2. We offer project group services! The team of our experienced designers can develop a building or any object of any type of complexity.
3.Flexible system and individual approach! Through free consultations with our specialists you can define optimal constructive scheme of your future object, compose approximate graph for work fulfillment and even view the object through visual computing.
4. Modern Programmed Education! It shortens terms and improves quality of project work, which results in decreasing costs. Cooperation with leading project institutes is possible in performing large objects.
5.Tight Timelines from Designing to Producing! Terms of reference is signed after choosing construction solution that allows carrying on next implementation phases. It takes on average 10 to 25 days to get ready-made solution with production.

Профили из холоднокатаной оцинкованной стали Производство профилей

Cold-rolled zinc-coated profiles are used as for separate elements of constructive systems for large buildings (girders, beams, roof sheathing, etc.) and as basic bearing structures for minor industrial buildings – cottages, over stories, mansards, small architectural forms, rafter systems and other.

The range of cold-rolled profiles is based on three main positions – profiles “C”, “U”, “Z”, which are produced out of zinc-coated coil steel SS Type C275 and higher with thickness from 0,7 to 3,0 mm by cold forming method on rolling lathes. They can be produced with length up to 12 m, wall height up to 250mm, optional with holes for bolting.

Special equipment allows manufacturing custom-made profiles and different non-standard precast components for carcass systems out of zinc-coated cold-rolled sheets with thickness up to 2 mm and length up to 6 m, and also full spectrum of fitting elements for inclined roofing made of metal tiles or profiled sheeting; façade systems on base of steel (corrugated sheet, metal siding, panels, cassettes, sandwich panels).


Профиль С
Profile C
Профиль U
Profile U
Профиль Z
Profile Z
Профиль Z усиленный
Profile Z strengthened

Профіль Омега
Profile Omega
Уголки равнополочные
Equal angles
Уголки неравнополочные
Unequal angles
Армирующий профиль
Reinforcing profile

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+38 (044) 331-23-69
+38 (067) 537-40-21