Кутики рівнополичні

Angular profile (it is used to link profiles of other cross-sections during installation, as supporting tables and as independent supporting structures and facade devices)

Outline Profile’s model Dimensions,mm
a b s
1 2 3 4 5
Купити профіль кутовий L 30x30x0,5 30 30 0,5
L 30x30x0,7 0,7
L 30x30x0,9 0,9
L 30x30x1,0 1,0
L 30x30x1,2 1,2
L 30x30x1,4 1,4
L 30x30x1,5 1,5
L 30x30x2,0 2,0
L 30x30x2,5 2,5
L 35x35x0,5 35 35 0,5
L 35x35x0,7 0,7
L 35x35x0,9 0,9
L 35x35x1,0 1,0
L 35x35x1,2 1,2
L 35x35x1,4 1,4
L 35x35x1,5 1,5
L 35x35x2,0 2,0
L 35x35x2,5 2,5
L 40x40x0,5 40 40 0,5
L 40x40x0,7 0,7
L 40x40x0,9 0,9
L 40x40x1,0 1,0
L 40x40x1,2 1,2
L 40x40x1,4 1,4
L 40x40x1,5 1,5
L 40x40x2,0 2,0
L 40x40x2,5 2,5
L 45x45x0,5 45 45 0,5
L 45x45x0,7 0,7
L 45x45x0,9 0,9
L 45x45x1,0 1,0
L 45x45x1,2 1,2
L 45x45x1,4 1,4
L 45x45x1,5 1,5
L 45x45x2,0 2,0
L 45x45x2,5 2,5
розміри кутового профілю L 50x50x0,5 50 50 0,5
L 50x50x0,7 0,7
L 50x50x0,9 0,9
L 50x50x1,0 1,0
L 50x50x1,2 1,2
L 50x50x1,4 1,4
L 50x50x1,5 1,5
L 50x50x2,0 2,0
L 50x50x2,5 2,5
L 55x55x0,5 55 55 0,5
L 55x55x0,7 0,7
L 55x55x0,9 0,9
L 55x55x1,0 1,0
L 55x55x1,2 1,2
L 55x55x1,4 1,4
L 55x55x1,5 1,5
L 55x55x2,0 2,0
L 55x55x2,5 2,5
L 75x75x0,5 75 75 0,5
L 75x75x0,7 0,7
L 75x75x0,9 0,9
L 75x75x1,0 1,0
L 75x75x1,2 1,2
L 75x75x1,4 1,4
L 75x75x1,5 1,5
L 75x75x2,0 2,0
L 75x75x2,5 2,5

The equal leg angle (different price) is a metal product demanded in construction. The range of its application is very wide, and every builder knows this. Many works can not be performed at a decent level without such a simple, at first glance, but perfect, metal product.

Where is the most often used equal-leg angle (the product price is democratic)? It is used as an additional tool for joining profiles with different cross-sections. It helps to carry out their installation. Angles are also used during the buildings’ facades finishing o. A simple angle serves as an element that helps to execute the façade facing as smoothly as possible. The same legs’ size allows it to perform this function. Such its role extends to the sphere of furniture production, providing even corners, and therefore even, beautiful furniture. Equal leg angle is also applied (the price varies) for the formation of the correct window and door openings. During the construction of various frameworks, it serves as their basis, on which the builders are oriented.

The price of the equal-leg angle depends on its two main characteristics: its quality and its size. Special attention should be paid to the first characteristic. You should not save and purchase low-grade products. The angle has to be as smooth, durable, galvanized as possible; it has to retain its shape during the usage. It is even better if it is corrosion-proof, frost-resistant. These properties will provide it with a long operational life.

In the company “LS-Profi” the price of the is profitable, and its quality is reliable!

The website of our company presents the information on which equal-leg angle (the price depends on its type) can be obtained from us.
Our company will provide you with reliable metal angles and profiles!

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