Profile Z

Profile Z (it is used in manufacturing  roofing and wall girders, the length of the profiles is determined by the design and can be up to 12 m).

Outline Profile’s model Dimensions, mm
h a s
1 2 3 4 5
виготовлення профілю Z 1Z50x0,7 50 32 0,70
1Z50x0,9 0,90
1Z50x1,0 1,00
1Z50x1,2 1,20
1Z50x1,4 1,40
1Z50x1,5 1,50
1Z50x2,0 2,00
1Z50x2,5 2,50
1Z100x0,7 100 32 0,70
1Z100x0,9 0,90
1Z100x1,0 1,00
1Z100x1,2 1,20
1Z100x1,4 1,40
1Z100x1,5 1,50
1Z100x2,0 2,00
1Z100x2,5 2,50
1Z150x0,7 150 32 0,70
1Z150x0,9 0,90
1Z150x1,0 1,00
1Z150x1,2 1,20
1Z150x1,4 1,40
1Z150x1,5 1,50
1Z150x2,0 2,00
1Z150x2,5 2,50
1Z200x0,7 200 32 0,70
1Z200x0,9 0,90
1Z200x1,0 1,00
1Z200x1,2 1,20
1Z200x1,4 1,40
1Z200x1,5 1,50
1Z200x2,0 2,00
1Z200x2,5 2,50
1Z250x1,5 250 32 1,50
1Z250x2,0 2,00

A galvanized steel profile will be needed for the erection of framework structures. A profile of this type is used for the construction of warehouses, production workshops, trade pavilions and centers. The profile is used as a starting material in the process of creating framework. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the profile since the stability of the whole building will depend on the reliability of the frame. The price should not be a fundamental factor while choosing a C, U, L, or Z galvanized profile. The thickness and steel grade, the quality of the zinc protection coating, the dimensional parameters of the profile are also very important.

Galvanized profile Z, the price of which depends on many circumstances, is often used for the manufacture of roofing and wall runners. The length of such a profile may be different, but it does not exceed 12 m. Other dimensional parameters may also vary. Which profile best suites for solving a particular construction task is often determined at the design stage of the framework. Z galvanized profile, the price of which depends on its characteristics, must meet the requirements of a specific project and in terms of dimensional parameters, and in terms of strength. The metal frame is the basis of construction, therefore must withstand significant loads. This is the weight ofcasing, the effects of wind, precipitation and other adverse natural factors. Z galvanized profile, the price of which is often acceptable, perfectly tolerates the influence of high and low temperatures, a humid environment, and solar radiation. If the profile was chosen correctly, and the frame was created correctly, the construction will be able to withstand heavy loads easily.

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