Profile Z

Profile Z (it is used in manufacture of roofing and wall runners, the length of the profiles is determined by the design and can be up to 12 m).

Outline Profile’s model Dimensions, mm
h a b c s
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
2Z100x1,5 100 48 53 20 1,50
2Z100x2,0 2,00
2Z100x2,5 2,50
2Z150x1,5 150 48 53 20 1,50
2Z150x2,0 2,00
2Z150x2,5 2,50
2Z200x1,5 200 48 53 20 1,50
2Z200x2,0 2,00
2Z200x2,5 2,50
2Z250x2,0 250 48 53 20 2,00
2Z250x2,5 2,50
2Z300x2,0 300 48 53 20 2,00
2Z300x2,5 2,50
3Z100x1,5 100 60 68 20 1,50
3Z100x2,0 2,00
3Z100x2,5 2,50
3Z150x1,5 150 60 68 20 1,50
3Z150x2,0 2,00
3Z150x2,5 2,50
3Z200x1,5 200 60 68 20 1,50
3Z200x2,0 2,00
3Z200x2,5 2,50
3Z250x2,0 250 60 68 20 2,00
3Z250x2,5 2,50

Among all types of profiles, galvanized profile Z deserves special attention. First, it is made of modern fairly light steel, in contrast to the long-used welded beams. But, despite its relatively small weight, profile galvanized Z is surprisingly durable, that is why it is widely used for various construction purposes. Most often it is used during the construction of frame prefabricated industrial and even residential buildings. It is used as a material for old buildings’ reconstruction. It allows transforming old, improper houses and other buildings more effectively and quickly

Secondly, galvanized profile Z is used almost always while applying profiled flooring in the construction. Pavilions, industrial warehouses and workshops, food shops, stalls, walls for food markets are built with it. Many roof structures are also built using  galvanized profile Z.

Since the galvanized profile Z has a wide range of applications, it is actual to know where it can be purchased. It is especially important for people and companies working in the construction industry. Because, particularly they most often need purchasing profiles in large quantities to perform their work.

In the company "LS-Profi" you can purchase galvanized profile Z and other types of profiles at affordable cost!

We can purchase profiles in the quantity you need, the required brand and length of up to 12 meters!
In addition to galvanized steel profiles, our company specializes in the manufacture of equal-leg and unequal-leg angles.
If you are going to purchase our products and cannot choose by yourself profile you need, call us! We would be happy to help and advise the best related to profiles!

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