Profiles C, U

Profiles C, U (they are used while producing columns, frames, girders of supporting frameworks; the profiles length is determined on designing and can be up to 12 m).

Outline Profiles model Dimensions, mm
a b s
1 2 3 4 5
  U 1U1000,9 100 32 0,90
1U1001,0 1,00
1U1001,2 1,20
1U1001,4 1,40
1U1001,5 1,50
1U1002,0 2,00
1U1002,5 2,50
1U1500,9 150 32 0,90
1U1501,0 1,00
1U1501,2 1,20
1U1501,4 1,40
1U1501,5 1,50
1U1502,0 2,00
1U1502,5 2,50
1U2000,9 200 32 0,90
1U2001,0 1,00
1U2001,2 1,20
1U2001,4 1,40
1U2001,5 1,50
1U2002,0 2,00
1U2002,5 2,50
1U2500,9 250 32 0,90
1U2501,0 1,00
1U2501,2 1,20
1U2501,4 1,40
1U2501,5 1,50
1U2502,0 2,00
1U2502,5 2,50
  U 2U1000,9 100 45 0,90
2U1001,0 1,00
2U1001,2 1,20
2U1001,4 1,40
2U1001,5 1,50
2U1002,0 2,00
2U1002,5 2,50
2U1500,9 150 45 0,90
2U1501,0 1,00
2U1501,2 1,20
2U1501,4 1,40
2U1501,5 1,50
2U1502,0 2,00
2U1502,5 2,50
2U2000,9 200 45 0,90
2U2001,0 1,00
2U2001,2 1,20
2U2001,4 1,40
2U2001,5 1,50
2U2002,0 2,00
2U2002,5 2,50
2U2500,9 250 45 0,90
2U2501,0 1,00
2U2501,2 1,20
2U2501,4 1,40
2U2501,5 1,50
2U2502,0 2,00
2U2502,5 2,50

Galvanized profile is a metal product, which is widely used in the construction field. More precise scope of its application depends on its form, which also determines its specific appearance. Nowadays, there is a galvanized profile of C, Z, and omega type. One of the most popular one is the galvanized profile U.

Galvanized profile U is also called U-shaped profile. Consequently, its shape resembles the letter U. It is used for columns manufacturing, in the construction of beams for the supporting frameworks of houses, for fixing floors and connecting the ceiling to the walls. It can be used both separately and in combination with profiles of other forms. It delivers benefit especially when it is part of the construction of a multi-level ceiling.

The installation of gypsum boards, necessary for the construction of such ceilings, is carried out with its help. Herewith, the galvanized profile U becomes the guide member.

Since the galvanized profile U is used in the construction industry, it must be as durable as possible. However, its dimensions can be different, which allows it to be used for different purposes. Depending on the size, there are also different models of profiles. But, whatever brand it is designated, the profile must also meet such a criterion: have a flat surface, clearly observed length and width parameters, have the correct cross section.

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