Profile "omega" (it is used to form the frame of suspended ceilings and walls; as roof sheathing ; for arranging fences).

Outline Profiles model Dimensions, mm
a b s
1 2 3 4 5
  Ωx0,5 60 22 0,5
Ωx0,7 0,7
Ωx0,9 0,9
Ωx1,0 1,0
Ωx1,2 1,2
Ωx1,4 1,4
Ωx1,5 1,5
Ωx2,0 2,0

Profile galvanized omega- type is useful for solving many construction problems. It is certainly can be used in frame construction of buildings. It will also be useful in the design of suspended ceilings, roof sheathing and the creating protection structures (fences, gates, wickets). Omega galvanized profile has some useful characteristics, thanks to which it can be used in different climatic conditions. Thanks to the zinc coating, the profile resists rusting perfectly. To improve the resistance to corrosive processes, the profile and its structures are additionally coated with paint. In the result the construction is not susceptible to high humidity, as well as to temperature falls. Omega galvanized profile retains its properties for many years. Therefore, its use in construction can be considered an excellent solution.

Like any other product, omega galvanized profile can be of different quality. Here, everything will depend on manufacturers fair practice, the grade of steel used, the quality of the galvanizing procedure, as well as some other circumstances. Of course, it is preferable to choose a quality profile. Then there will be no reason to worry about the stability and reliability of the installed structure. LS-Profi Company has been producing good galvanized omega profiles. Each customer has the opportunity to ensure that our products are of high quality. Each batch of products is made while meeting the requirements of all technology standards.

Omega galvanized profiles of excellent quality are manufactured and supplied to the Ukrainian market by the company LS-Profi.
There are galvanized omega profiles of different thickness in our assortment. We advise you to pay attention to this parameter when placing an order for products. Call us! We will help you determine the choice of profile.

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